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The finishing touches

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General Naga

Pathfinder Games
The first two months of 2019 have had us regularly play testing and fine-tuning the game. This has included bug-fixing, gameplay improvements and increasing the usability. The game has already come a long way this year, with recent additions detailed below, but we’ll get straight to the elephant in the room…

Release Date

The game needs to be at a certain level before we can launch on Early Access. It needs to be stable and include essential features. Unfortunately we have just run out of time to launch in February, as we planned.

We need a few extra weeks to polish up the game, continuing the optimisation, testing, fine tuning the gamemode and pushing ahead the development of ingame VOIP. Implementing an integrated voice chat into the game has taken far longer than we anticipated and unfortunately it just isn’t ready yet.

We believe these are vital tasks.We do not want to launch without advancing further. The game is launching onto Steam Early Access and we will be continually making improvements but we want players to be able to enjoy the game on Day 1.

We will be continuing to work hard to finish up on these outstanding features in the next few weeks.

We are able to announce that the game will be released on Friday 5th April.

Behind the Scenes

The game is continuing to evolve as we tweak and improve it based on our testing, which is benefiting the game hugely.
Since the beginning of February we have done a total of over 176 hours of beta testing, pushed 18 builds to Steam for testing, made over 100 bug fixes and improvements to the game and been fueled by up to 12 cups of tea (or coffee) a day.

Recent changes have included improvements in orienting players, streamlining event information to the player through a refined user interface and audio notifications, stability improvements and continued optimisation.

Elsewhere we’ve continued to work on localisation which will allow us to have text support for French, Spanish and German languages at launch and we are working on the backend to support audio localisation in the future. Several audio additions have also been made recently, the most noticeable being English and German callouts recorded by our talented voice artists. We’ve also been practising our streaming etiquette, as we look forward to live-streaming a test session in the very near future!


We hope you will join us on the battlefields on release. We have enjoyed seeing excited people play testing the game, and are determined to get the game out to our Kickstarter backers and community as soon as possible. It really does hurt us to have to push the release date back, but it is beneficial in both the short and long run. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about the release or the game in general, you can always reach us on our forums or our official Discord server.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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Take your time guy's, I would rather wait a little longer, like I said before some people just don't understand what early access is all about, reviews are going to make or brake the game, so take your time.


Vanguard Backer
As ShotgunRCAF has already stated, the launch of a new game (Especially a new IP) is make or break time. You've got one shot at making a good impression on new players and if you fluff it...well your game has had it. To avoid this: take your time (please!), iron out the bugs, sharpen up the animations, tweak the balance and update the HUD/UI if need be. I've been following this project since 2015, I don't mind waiting a few more months if it leads to a better product.

I'd also recommend giving out a few game keys to youtubers who play WW2 shooters, just to raise awareness generate a bit of buzz before the game comes out. Anyway I really hope this succeeds and good luck to the dev team.


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Better to get it right first time , rather than release with more bugs than players can cope with and then the haters will jump in and say I TOLD YOU SO!!.
Can't wait to start playing (but will wait as long as it takes)
Keep up the great work guys
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