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Update 0.5.7 – Coming Friday

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General Naga

Pathfinder Games
This Friday (12th July) we’ll be releasing the latest update to the game 0.5.7.

The update expands Lion-sur-Mer and brings a new set of objectives in largely unseen parts of the map. This update also adds 3D markers for NCOs to give orders, a new event feed so you know exactly when the community are gathering to play as well as stability improvements.

We’ll talk a bit more about some of the things we have planned for future updates.

What to expect on Friday in Update 0.5.7

Operation Variants – Lion-sur-Mer
We are working on new maps, expanding our existing maps, adding new objectives and creating new scenarios. We call these variations on maps operation variants.

Before version 0.5.7 each of our maps features a single set of objectives, which can be played either during the day or night. On Friday we’ll be releasing the first of our operation variants which brings a new and fresh experience to Lion-sur-Mer and features new areas, new objectives and of course new tactics as a result.

Operation variants will be added to the existing map rotation so you will find yourself playing the new scenario both during the day and at night. With the release of the first operation variant on Lion-sur-Mer, this increases the number of variations to our maps from 6 to 8…. and we have more to come.

The new map areas also open up new tactical options for attackers when fighting over the original objectives (A).

Order Markers
To help NCOs communicate their orders more clearly they can now place a floating marker which is displayed to their squadmates in green and the rest of their team in blue. To use the new markers, NCOs simply look at the desired location (or a nearby object) for the marker and press K (customisable in the menu).

Event Feed
We have also added an event feed which appears from-to-time in the main menu and displays upcoming events automatically converted to your local timezone.

The feed will feature both our own official events and community organised events so if you are planning to run your own event please get in touch via our Discord or our forum.

Behind the Scenes
This update has taken longer than previous updates as it’s not the only thing we have been working on. Alongside the changes already featured, stability improvements and bug fixes we have also been working on more major changes.

Player Stats & Levels
We have redesigned the scoring system, added far more detailed stats (e.g. individual weapon accuracies) and added player leveling to the game in an upcoming patch. Player levels will be visible ingame for prestige but every player will continue to have access to all the equipment, kits and roles.

Redesigned Objective Capture
We have heard loud cries that the current capture experience – where you can’t stop capturing – can be very frustrating and we are listening. The current mechanism punishes lone-wolf players which we believe is important but we are experimenting with alternative, less frustrating, designs.

New Nation
Enough said for now

New Maps
Operation variants are fun but we are also working on new maps. Both for our British/German forces and for our mystery new national forces.

That’s all for this time. Join us on Friday when 0.5.7 lands on Steam and keep your eye out for more events coming soon to Vanguard and as always our community discord for pick-up games with the community.
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