Windows 7 Sentenced to Death

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 7 shall end in January 2020. You have been warned. :oops:
That means no more official Microsoft web site for downloads, FAQs and trusted sources. It means no more updates, so any body with Windows 7 must disable updates in Control Panel on the last day of support. MIcrosoft has been planning this for some time, and a change to Windows 10 subscription shall be too expensive for most users. Windows 7 will probably still be usable while you keep the same hardware and software, of course.
Linux Mint is the alternative and if you were thinking about it, well the decision has been made for you. :love:
Maybe. :) (To test it, install Linux Mint 19 'alongside' Windows and try Vanguard in Linux.)
For any body using Windows 7, it is going to remain usable only until a hardware update demands a newer operating system. As for Windows 10, Microsoft is now operating a subscription service which is very expensive. The question for PC users, in 2019, is whether to wait and see what Microsoft offers apart from Windows 10 or to make the change to Linux.
For Linux, Microsoft recognised it had lost the long battle to squash Linux a few years ago and now the Microsoft philosophy is to get its dirty hands into Linux by offering modules. However, the Linux community has enough sense not to be relying on Microsoft, and it continues to get better. From Linux version 19, there are a lot of Windows games that will run smoothly on Linux. Probably, the jump to Linux is inevitable for a lot of PC users.