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Wow what a nice promise this game holds, ty devs!

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Hello creators/developers and forum members of this promising game,

My name is Richard Brinkman, from the Netherlands, 38 years of age and my online name is Brinckie, i'm a fellow AA (Airborne Assassins) clan member of Guarno6 and i'm glad he has shown me the traction wars website 😃

I have also been playing online games, actally since the AT286 based computer with a phone modem, lol @ those memories.
And i love the prospect of having a fps team WW2 based realistic computer game again.
Really looking forward to play this with my clan and other friends.

Thanks for the effort so far and hope that it becomes what you devs want it to be!


Welcome, Northern neighbour [MENTION=3324]Brinckie[/MENTION]. Enthusiasm is encouraged, as is the regular delivery of cookies.

Failure to comply will result in being bitten by a radioactive metaphor.
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