Game Update – 0.5.4

This week we bring another update which fixes a number of important connection, spectator and user interface issues as well as introducing ingame dev badges so you spot us more easily. Do say hello when you see us!

Behind the scenes we are working on many more fixes and improvements which are not quite ready for the live game and we look forward to including some of these in the next update.

The ruins of Lion-sur-Mer by Hrafnkarl on our Steam Community

Change Log

Thank you to everyone who has provided us with constructive feedback. We read all of it even if we don’t always respond. If you have a crash and get prompted to submit a crash report – please submit it so we are notified and we can look into the cause.

Known Issues:

  • Graphical glitches and missing weapons when joining the game for the first time
  • Audio settings menu is not yet implemented
  • Decals can be stubborn and cause texture glitches
  • Very rarely a player can be stuck in spectator mode while in pre-game. You can workaround this issue by opening console using ` then typing kill into the console and hitting enter. Close the console using `

Key Changes / Highlights:

  • Vanguard Devs now have ingame “Dev” badges to be more
  • Network connection improvements
  • Spectator Camera Fixes
  • UI Fixes


  • Added “Dev” badge to developers in spawn screen and scoreboard
  • Improved initial server connection to reduce connection issues
  • Improved tolerance to unstable connections to hopefully reduce unexpected disconnections
  • Fixed a bug preventing orbiting the camera in spectator mode
  • Fixed grenade counter wrongly displaying for equipment packs without grenades
  • Fixed issue where UI wasn’t updating properly after a player disconnected
  • Temporarily increased logging detail for servers
  • Fixed player marker persisting on screen if the related player as been disconnected in some specific cases
  • Improved player name sanitisation in event log
  • Fixed player input being overridden when server switches from pregame TDM into countdown for raid match
  • Fixed glider material & audio effects
  • Potential fix for players occasionally being able to double reinforce by accident
  • Increased minimum server version to appear in server browser to 235
  • Fixed issue where player could hear wrong team VOIP at the end of level rotation
  • Fixed stealth kill not stopping capture immediately
  • Pegasus Bridge
    • Fixed view distance on Cafe Gronde windows & shutters
    • Fixed missing trees
  • Merville Battery
    • Fixed missing trees
  • Lion-sur-Mer
    • Fixed missing trees
    • Fixed night lighting