Live Stream Incoming!

We are pleased to announce we have teamed up some great streamers who will be live in Vanguard on Saturday […]

Game Update – 0.5.1

Today we have launched an update to Vanguard which fixes several issues from the first week. The highlights include; custom key bindings, ability to switch teams, rebalanced small scale games and idle kicking.

Launch Weekend

There were some close games, some tight rounds, and a lot of thoughtful discussions. Right now we are focused on bugfixing. Some have already been patched, and some need a little more investigation.

Community Event!

We have been working around the clock (literally) since the release of the game yesterday to fix a number of crashes which were not found during beta testing.

Livestream Video / 7 Days until Release!

Last week we made another first in our development of Vanguard, by livestreaming one of our closed beta test sessions. There were of course a few bugs, but it allowed the community to see an uncut version of the game.

Live Stream Incoming!

The first live stream of the game will be Saturday 23rd March @ 8:15PM UTC. Tune in for the first live look at the game!

The Finishing Touches

The first two months of 2019 have had us regularly play testing and fine-tuning the game. This has included bug-fixing, gameplay improvements and increasing the usability. The game has already come a long way this year, with recent additions detailed below, but we’ll get straight to the elephant in the room…

Steam Page Live!

Lots of testing, working on balancing and tweaks to the gamemode. Here we provide a quick update on some of the key areas of development while we continue to push towards the Early Access release.