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New to the forums?

Then introduce yourself here. We like to hear peoples suggestions so if you have any then feel free to post them up in the suggestions board.

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Hi, I'm Halfdark, I'm 17 years old, and I'm a tractionwars forum member. They say the first step is admitting, but I'm sort of hoping it'll be one of the last steps too. I hope I can learn from you guys, and I hope that I'll be able to support you in the way I hope you'll support me. Thanks for listening.
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Hi everyone!
Just noticed this thread, I found the site off another mod site (BF40K). I don't have Crysis (or a computer that can run it XD), I started reading the Hungry Cities a couple of years back but didn't finish it. So I have a rough idea of the fluff for the mod. Good luck!

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We're mentioned on BF40K? Incidentally I once was a developer for BF40K under the alias of Cadellin.
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Not quite, I noticed one of the people on the forum had a "Traction Wars Developer" link on their post. Might have been you.. can't remember, I'll check later.


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Hi I'm New. And German. And I made some translation work for Traction Wars, and I'm glad that my account finally has been activated ... so here I am.

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Welcome to the community UnkSolideR I'm still working in integrating your translations into our site I'm afraid as I'm doing it between getting assets imported into the game.
  Hello everyone,

  My callsign is Ashryne. I am 25 years old and currently attending college to become a Software Engineer. Nice meeting you all.


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Welcome to the community Ashryne.

I'm currently writing a reply to PM - so expect that to drop into our inbox soon. Unfortunately I will be loosing my internet access soon so I'll pick up any reply this evening.
Hello there, figured I should post.

I go by the tag Lokgar whenever gaming, and it kinda stuck. I'm close to 17 years of age, live in Louisville, Kentucky, and go to a school that happens to be right across the street from the main branch of Louisville's Libraries.
I have applied to be a researcher (No idea if I would be accepted), for mainly 2 reasons.
1) I love WW2
2) I love Crysis
Add those 2 together and... *gasp* you get Traction Wars (From my understanding).

I can't do much else in terms of skills for mod-making, but I am an avid gamer.
My xfire name = smdhell


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  I suppose this would be the most appropriate place for my first post here. I happened upon this mod over at ModDB because I finally have a machine that can run Crysis well and was looking for something...well, better than stock Crysis. I'm 23 years old and couldn't be happier to finally be out of school "for good". Unfortunately my first job landed me in the middle-no-where, South Dakota (U.S.A), but such is life. Also, I've applied to be a coder for Traction Wars. Should be interesting, to say the least...heh.
Hello. I am new here as well. I am a 3d artist and mainly I want to know more about Crysis and the engine. I have lots of questions if anyone is able to answer them. Along the way I would like to contribute to Traction as I love ww2 games.

So is the engine free, or do you need to buy it in the store to be able to mod/work on it?

My portfolio is here also


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Welcome to the community grogbro. I've just received your application and will be sending you back a reply soon. I suggest you create a new thread in the Crysis General Discussion area of the boards if you have lots of questions - we'll try out best to answer them and failing that point you towards those who can answer them.

To answer your first question CryEngine2 can be modded by buying the games Crysis (Amazon: ?32.90) or Crysis Warhead (Amazon: ?14.98). A commercial license is rumoured to around the six figure mark. Crysis Warhead uses a highly optimized version of the original CryEngine2 and it is this game we are modding.