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The Hi I'm New Thread


i'm french. I saw Vanguard videos last sunday. Very nice animations ! i'm impatient to be in DECEMBER for steam access.
Excuse my English.....


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'Oops Completely forgot to do this'

Maybe it's an age thing but am sure i said Hi if not Lo peeps, looking forward to seeing what happened to my favourite cafe stop when in Normandy..


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Lt Jake Cutter

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new here..

im into everything WW2....planes trains and automobiles...got a few of each for real..well..no real trains,,,just small HO ones..but i have 3 airplanes, looking for a p38 in the jungle and have an M4 HST that im hoping to get to restore one of these days....not to mention im into hot rods and muscle cars....

im super excited about what you guys are doing here...

ive been a huge COD WAW tactical player in a clan for 10 years now....we need a new platform to play tactically, and i think you guys are nailing it..!! dont listen to the run and gunners, stay pure to what made COD style games great...tactical and squad playing...

im hoping you are open to dedicated servers and modable maps so we can creat our own atmosphere, yet still stay in the framework of what you guys have built..




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While most of my favourite WW2 games are from 2004. I am VERY excited for Vanguard.
I run the tactical-gaming.net Discord community. Join us!

I run the Tactical-Gaming.net Vanguard 1944 server for North America. But we also have many European members!
Hope to see you guys in game!