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The Hi I'm New Thread


New Member
Hey y'all. I am new here. My name is Mike and looks like a very interesting project in the making here.. I am 47 years old and would like to know what I could do to become more involved.. Also, is there any way a guy can play the demo or anything? Thanks for having me aboard!!!!

General Naga

Pathfinder Games
Welcome to the community [MENTION=4971]HubbaBubba[/MENTION] :)

There's no demo or public version of the game so you aren't missing out.


Vanguard Backer
Hi! I'm Ray and just noticed this game today. Looks promising.;)
I'm also a amateur blogger of WW2 games, so I published abit of this game on my blog and social media. (if you don't mind)^^
Vanguard – Normandy 1944
Will be intresting to follow the development of this game. Also a big + for devs interacting with the community.:cool:


Vanguard Friend
Canadian eh!

Looking forward to see VANGUARD in action, I can only hope it will be what everyone is looking for in a Tactical Team Based Shooter.....just make sure its not another Battalion 1944, if it is, it will be dead before I even play it.

See you on the Battlefield ;)