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Any Release date jet?

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[h=2]Any Release date yet*[/h]
In the old days, let's say 1990's you might remember that games alway was delayed for whatever reason. Today the company's have a broken game finish in time and they release it. Im 100% sure that will not happen with Traction Wars = I trust in you guys. What I want to say with all this is, I think people like me that can't wait, would kindly ask you how long the first chapter are in the progress in % ? And do you have a release date you aim for? And what would it be?
Again if you come with a date, we all here know that nothing are set in stone, and people will understand if you delay the game from the release date you aim for :)

Please give us some light in the tunnel :)
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General Naga

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We would love to be able to give a updated release date but for now we will stick to the 18-24 months we said before [emoji3]

We are making good progress.
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Re: Any Release Date Yet?

I am questioning this myself, one person said it would be released in 2 years 4 years ago! What is up with that.
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Honestly hoping this game does deliver on its promises, given how long it's been in development. Those dev blog posts were crumbs that only served to increase my appetite further.
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