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What have you made recently?

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Cool game you have there!


Man... I wish I could post loads of stuff I've worked on, but can't since I develop at Forgotten Hope 2 and isn't right to post until the content is released. :D


Cool! It seems like you put a lot of effort here, even the background moves as well! Well done! Hope you get many downloads! :)

(BTW, when can we expect more OSTs?! :D )



Holy ****! 8| It's great! Thanks man, I appreciate it! :D
"Someone said they wanted a soundtrack. And I got bored. And yeah." Even when you're bored you make great music, that's raw talent!

From now on this will be my theme song in real life... Hell yeah, going to the bathroom will be f*cking intense now!

Besides that, you should consider putting this song as a loading screen theme, it would fit perfectly!


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Besides that, you should consider putting this song as a loading screen theme, it would fit perfectly!

Haven't written anything for a month or two so probably went a bit over the top! It's not really my style for TWs. Works as good 'entering a room unannounced' music. [emoji14]


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Here's a (rather over the top) trailer for a multiplayer game I've been working on for the past three weeks for a university assignment.



Thanks! Unfortunately we don't have time to continue working on it right now :( I'd love to work on it more and release it, but I have so much other work to do at the moment (don't even have time for Traction Wars right now! :(

Shame, sorry to hear that man! Hope you get everything wrapped up soon :)
During the last semester, I took a course for Photoshop. This included making an assignment that demonstrates the techniques you've learned.

So... here's what I made:
Houman_Tom_Traction Wars Poster.jpg

With quite a lot of thanks to [MENTION=1]General Naga[/MENTION] for letting me use the logo and the Pegasus bridge screenshot.


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Lots of goodies in this thread, seems like everyone is talented in here(except me):(
*jealousy intensifies*

but in the end i did make something, like OP says, it doesn't have to be technology related

Well here it is, something i made yesterday

Im proud of myself:smug:
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