Build 458: Patch Notes

Here are the latest patch notes ahead of the community event tomorrow. See event announcement for details HIGHLIGHTS: Last stand […]

Build 453: Patch Notes

We have not posted patch notes for some time, so the following is a summary of changes for the recent […]

Community Event – 23rd July

Ahead of the next event we have continued our rebalancing of the game and introduce experimental ‘capture stages’ to objectives.

Community Event – 28th May

Regular fortnightly community event OPEN TO ALL. Play with your friends, meet the devs and fellow community members on the […]

Dev Blog: February 2022

einforced Update” in the first quarter. We are however keen to hear from the community on how they want us to release the update and we have created a (very) short survey to gather your opinions.

The Evolution of Raid

How Vanguard’s Primary Gamemode has Developed Over Time Today we are going to talk about Vanguard’s main gamemode, Raid, recapping […]

Strategic Shift: Reinforced

The “REINFORCED” update will bring Canadian and elite German forces to the game on a brand-new map, Carpiquet Airfield. The airfield was the location of heavy fighting during the Allies push towards the city of Caen and a critical objective of the Allies during the Normandy Campaign.