Build 503: Patch Notes

SUMMARY OF CHANGES:Added: Explanatory banner at the start of each Last Stand (German team only)Added: Squad/Kit menu tip to spectator […]

Build 502: Patch Notes

SUMMARY OF CHANGES:Fixed: KIA markers appears for longer on tactical mapFixed: Updated NCO menu tip on tactical mapFixed: Glitch in […]

Build 501: Patch Notes

This update adds teamwork enhancements to the tactical map and map fixes for Carpiquet. SUMMARY OF CHANGES: New: Position of […]

Build 499: Patch Notes

This update adds squad status to the HUD and replaces the NCO order menu with a new more intuitive interface […]

Build 498: Patch Notes

This update introduces a major rework of the right-flank of Carpiquet village and refinements to the lake area added in […]

Build 495: Patch Notes

In this update we release the first phase of major changes to Carpiquet which brings improved balancing, accuracy and detail […]

Build 494: Patch Notes

This update introduces an experimental change to increase the number of reinforcement waves on smaller servers and introduces technical changes […]

Build 490: Patch Notes

Game Tip: After the last German player dies the best player on the team will respawn to make a ‘last […]

Build 488: Patch Notes

Game Tip: Frag grenades (keybind: ‘2’) are extremely dangerous and if thrown too close will hurt the thrower. They will […]