Game Update – 0.5.1

Today we have launched an update to Vanguard which fixes several issues from the first week. The highlights include; custom key bindings, ability to switch teams, rebalanced small scale games and idle kicking.

Launch Weekend

There were some close games, some tight rounds, and a lot of thoughtful discussions. Right now we are focused on bugfixing. Some have already been patched, and some need a little more investigation.

Community Event!

We have been working around the clock (literally) since the release of the game yesterday to fix a number of crashes which were not found during beta testing.

Livestream Video / 7 Days until Release!

Last week we made another first in our development of Vanguard, by livestreaming one of our closed beta test sessions. There were of course a few bugs, but it allowed the community to see an uncut version of the game.