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Website Feedback

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General Naga

Pathfinder Games
There're a few problems I noticed:

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Look at the notifications, did it get rebooted?

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The icons are not similar

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Where did other info go?

As well, for the yellow circles, one suggestion, wouldn't it be better/shorter if it was "... Liked ...'s post" rather than "Click Likes"?

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I don't know if the texts are supposed to be the same or not, but they are!

http://www.tractionwars.com/recruitment/ < still "Page not found"

Well that is all :)

Thanks for the reports! I had to replace some of the back-end in a hurry which unfortunately also included the like system - so rather than lose it I had to hastily find a replacement which is why the like notifications have reset. Better than losing likes all together!

Likes should now be back for everyone and I'm working through the other issues. I didn't want to keep the site offline any longer than strictly necessary.

I'll probably re-style the likes back to similar to how it was once everything is back up and running smoothly.


Don't worry man, I'm sure the Likes are not the biggest problems right now. :p You do what you have to do, there's no hurry and no pressure at all! (Except for the game itself, that is completely another story...) :)


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Hahaha no need! Doing it to help, not to get rewards! Plus I'm not the only one helping out here! :D

It's nice to see decent bug reports with pictures! When I worked as a test engineer you could tell things were getting serious when I had to whip out my paint skills and draw boxes around broken things ;)


Not very important bug: If you click in one of the three options, it opens the three descriptions at the same time. The same if you want to close


General Naga

Pathfinder Games
[MENTION=2433]FlyingR[/MENTION] and [MENTION=1152]drummer93[/MENTION] - the FAQ issues have now been fixed. Thank you once again - many hands make light work of finding these things!


Still two FAQ bugs that I see, one where opening the "What is OVERLORD?" tab change the plus icons to minus icons on the "Can I be an alpha/beta tester?" and "Will there be vehicles?" tabs, and another where opening the "Is there a list of game features?" tab also opens the "What is OVERLORD?" tab. I think there are a few similar bugs with the tabs on the bottom, so I'd test each of those lower tabs and see what other tabs they open.



Website is nice - php 5 early version? I do not know a lot about it.
Except that I am moderating on php 3 forums which are frustrating for me.
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