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    Picture of the Day

    German Anti Air battery at night.
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    Pay Day - 2

    Hey Y'all! First off, happy new years to everyone! I hope everyone had a lot of fun! ^^ Well I hopped on steam a few days back and I had like 15 dollars lying around so I was wondering what to do with it and I noticed payday 2 was on sale, so I picked it up.. Does anyone else have payday 2 as...
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    Thoughts on fallout 4

    Oh hell yes it is overrated, I bought it with barely any expectations so I'm enjoying it. It does have many flaws tho, main storyline was okayish but i felt it could have been longer.
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    Thoughts on fallout 4

    Errr, dude. FO4 does have elements of FPS, if you ask me... I'd say its like playing a hybrid between maybe far cry and skyrim. But you knew that, as for the graphics, its good, but my views are solely based on comparing the skyrim default game to the fo4 default game, I dont know how it fares...
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    Totally Off-Topic Thread

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    Thoughts on fallout 4

    Interesting, I have Mudra on my steam list and he's already clocked in like 80 hours... saw the trailers, saw the reviews figured I may as well buy this one, majority of the skyrim modding community is making a shift to FO4 already so in a couple of months we can see a truck load of great mods...
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    Thoughts on fallout 4

    So, I am wondering how many of us have bought this game, I had the budget to purchase 2 games after building a high end rig and I went ahead and pre ordered Hitman and Assassin's creed, learnt about fall out 4 and submitted a ticket for refund on Assassins creed, so just to be sure, is the game...
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    Post some of your favorite songs here!

    Ohhohooo Skillet ~ Monster? Nice! Its still one of my favs. 30 Seconds To Mars ~ Up In The Air (I have been looking for this song for quite some time, finally found it!) 30 Seconds To Mars ~ Race
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    Totally Off-Topic Thread

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    Totally Off-Topic Thread

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    Have you played battlefield 3? In bf3 you have these morons running around with lmgs, and they carry ammo bags. when you run out of ammo you have to like chase them to the ends of the earth yelling ammo ammo and pray to god that they notice cause that never happens. Now put a radio op in...
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    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Yep I played it alright, at 3am I got to the part where *SPOILERS* the flipping skulls show up after you save him*END SPOILERS*.. I was sooooo not prepared for that.. Fun as hell. I still don't understand how morale works so it pisses the hell out of me other than that it's a fun as heck game...
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    Do you like Forgotten Hope 2?

    Indeed, I wish there was a way to include the kms bismarck and tirpitz as well.. *sigh*
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    Do you like Forgotten Hope 2?

    Battlestations: Pacific for the win! What? Bf2 is like.. not there anymore, besides who doesn't like piloting big battleships?
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    Weekend Madness! You chose!

    in 2 weeks? hah. You have fun playing online, I will be partying in Thailand ;)